Confluence Health Supports Accountable, Coordinated Care

We are proud of our commitment to patient-centered, coordinated care. Over the years, we have invested a great deal in creating healthcare systems that help our staff and clinicians deliver excellent service and achieve quality outcomes for our patients.

Our mission—to provide quality care while being stewards of our patients’ and our nation’s healthcare resources—is shared by many other high-performing medical organizations across the country. As members of the Council of Accountable Physician Practices (CAPP)—a subsidiary of the American Medical Group Association—Confluence Health and other physician-led multispecialty medical groups and health systems are working together to promote a delivery system that is accountable and patient-focused.

An accountable and patient-focused delivery system is also the goal of the recent federal Affordable Care Act (ACA). To control our country’s escalating healthcare costs and improve quality for all Americans, the ACA not only calls for insurance reform, but for the reform of the healthcare delivery system. “Medical homes” and “accountable care organizations” are promoted in the law as being possible solutions to improve care delivery and eliminate waste in our system. As such, many physicians groups are attempting to form collaborative partnerships with hospitals and others in order to better coordinate care, save healthcare dollars and position themselves for success in the new world of accountable care.

The CAPP member groups have been leaders in developing healthcare quality programs that are among the best in the nation. We believe that accountable care organizations already exist within our medical practices. So, to share our knowledge and experience and help create a common vision of what accountable care can be, we recently launched a new public education and advocacy project. This social media campaign on accountable care is designed to provide the public, media and policymakers with resources and information about the value of accountable care to national healthcare reform. 

The campaign consists of a series of three micro sites: (for consumers), (for the media) and (for policymakers). These sites feature easily accessible tools, research, definitions, case studies and FAQs about what accountable care should look like, why it’s important to the health of our country, and how to find it today in America. The campaign also includes a series of viral videos at that drive viewers to the micro sites.

Confluence Health is proud to be a co-sponsor of this campaign. We believe it illustrates what accountable and patient-centered healthcare can be when providers are properly motivated to work together. Other sponsors include the American Medical Group Association, The California Association of Physician Groups and many of CAPP’s affiliated health systems and medical groups including The Cleveland Clinic, Intermountain Healthcare, HealthCare Partners Medical Group, Henry Ford Health System, Sharp Rees-Steely Medical Group, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, Dean, Geisinger Clinic, Kaiser Permanente and others.

Many of us believe that accountable care is not a future state. In many regions of our nation—and right here at Confluence Health—accountable care exists today. Please check out the campaign at and share the micro sites with your colleagues and friends. If more Americans understand what accountable care should be, it will be easier for our country to make the necessary improvements to guarantee this kind of quality healthcare for everyone.